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This year we’ll learn a lot of new things about the English-speaking countries.

Some of them are these here. Look at the map:

United Kingdom, Great Britain or England?

Sometimes it’s a bit confusing, but the maps can help you:


Geographically, we are in the British Isles.

Politically, we have the United Kingdom with

4 different nations.

Their citizens all speak English, but some have their own language and all of them have their own flag.


The union of these flags has a very curious name –  the Union Jack.




As for the name Great Britain, it refers tobrit

the 3 nations in the largest island.




Fashion & Style

Maybe you like fashion or maybe you don’t , but each one of us has a different style. Which one is yours? How would you describe your style?

Look at the picture below and which of the styles do you identify with?

If you’re a girl, look at this one:


If you’re a boy, look at this one.


To describe your style you need to know the name of clothes. See if you can complete this list and identify the clothes in the picture below:

clothes21. R _ _ C _ _ T
2. S H _ R T

3. C _ _ T

4. S W _ _ T _ R

5. O V _ R C _ _ T

6. T _ _

7. B _ L T
8. S C  _ R F
9. B _ _ N _ _

10. G L _ V _ S


12. S H _ _ S

13. H_GH- H_ _ L _ D  SH _ E S

14. B _ _ T S

15. T R _ _ N _ RS

16. TR _ CK_N G   S _ _ T

17. P _ J _ M _ S

18. S K _ R T

19. D R _ S S

20. J _ _ N S

21. T- S H _ R T

22. W _ _ S T C _ _ T

23. R _ B _

24. S _ N D _ _S

Here you have some exercises:

CLOTHES, by lucak (F)
Find this and other clothes

Imagine someone gave you the 7002334-nino-pequeno-durmiendo-en-la-cama-y-sonar-con-el-avion-cute-nino-pequeno-durmiendo-en-la-cama-con-elchance to visit another country, where would you go?

If I had the chance to choose, I would visit Australia.
If I was allowed to choose another one, I would also visit Canada.

To start a conditional sentence, we always use  IF and the sentences follow a special pattern (padrão)

If it’s a probable condition, we use Type 1.

  • If you go to Australia, you will have to travel for 18 hours.
  • If you choose Canada, you will fly for 6 hours.


If it’s an improbable condition, we use Type 2.

  • If I had enough money, I would stay there for 6 months.
  • If I could, I would visit both countries.


Look at these images. What type of conditional are they using?

pic-2borrar conditionalborrar conditional1

Let’s try a few exercises. Click below.



  • What kind of teenager are you?

  • a sporty teen?
  • a nerd?
  • a rebellious youngster?
  • a hard working student?teenclipart






  • Which adjectives would you use to describe yourself? And your classmates?

  • Guess the adjective below by inserting the missing vowels (a,e,i,o,u).


  • _ D _ R _ B L _
  • G L _ M _ R _ _ S0153
  • L _ Z Y
  • _ T T R _ C T _ V _
  • F _ N N Y
  • C R _ Z Y
  • _ C T _ V _551510_865575133_untitled_H103342_L
  • N _ _ S Y
  • S _ C _ _ B L _get.php
  • S_ N S _ T _ V _

We can create new words by adding a suffix to a noun or a verb. Look at the examples below:

invent + ive  =  inventive (adjective)


invent + ion  =  invention (noun)                                                                                                             

Here you can see more examples:

derivational suffixes_compress

Using the suffixes below create new adjectives, using the words in blue.

– y – ous -ive -ful -able
ex: sporty
danger like brain beauty respect
 success  agree  fame  sense  courage
  • To learn more about adjectives play an interactive GAME. Click here!

What do these sentences have in common?


  • Newspapers are published every day.
  • TV was invented in the 1920s.
  • The concert was cancelled.

They are all in PASSIVE VOICE and you can see that, because they have  a common characteristic:     


Why do we use Passive Voice?

Because sometimes actions are more important than the people who do them.

Look at these examples:



How do you make this change?

Look at the picture below:



  • Still any doubts? Check the presentation the teacher showed you in the class.
  • Click here: passive_voice_8ºano
  • You can also try this interactive exercise below.



Are you a TV fan?

See if you can identify these TV programmes.

Which one is …

  • a talent show ?
  • a wildlife documentary ?
  • a cartoon / animation film ?
  • a commercial ?
  • a reality show ?
  • the weather forecast ?
  • a music programme ?
  • a quiz show ?
  • an adventure film ?
  • a sports programme ?
  • a talk show ?

TV programmes1

What about TV jobs?  

Would you like to be a … ?

Find out what they are by adding the vowels.

N _ W S R _  _ D _ RPresenter

C _ M _ R _ M _ N

_ C T _ R

C _ S  T _ M _     D _ S _ G N _ R

D_ R _ C  T _ Rcameraman_actor

P R _ S  _ N T _ R

J _ _ R N _ L _ S T

News_reader             COSTUME DESIGNER           director

What are your TV viewing habits?

How many hours a day do you usually watch TV?

Are you a TV addict?


Click here to take a test!


St Valentine’s Day – 14th February

Well, well, dear ones, are you ready for Cupid’s shot? St Valentine’s Day is approaching and we should start preparing our celebrations.


Are there any suggestions?

  • Why not write a St Valentine’s letter or a romantic message? Look at these rhymes. It’s quite easy!!
Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
Sugar is sweet
…and so are you.

They can be sweet or funny like these two:

Roses are red,boy-holding-red-valentine-heart
Violets are blue;
Please don’t kiss me
Because I have the flu.

Roses are red
School is out
I need a vacation
There is no doubt.

So let’s start writing! I’m waiting for your rhymes or messages.