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How do you spend your free time?

Teens’ life is not all about school. In their free time, teens do sports and some also have hobbies, but those activities vary according to their preferences.

See if you can remember the name of the following:

Captura de pantalla 2012-04-25 a las 22.49.08

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Sports and hobbies, by robirimini
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What about extreme sports? Have you ever tried any of these activities?

extreme sports_2

What are their names? Try to figure them out by inserting a few missing letters.

S N _ W B _ _ R D _ N G

S K _ _ N G

S _ R F _ N G

S K _ T _ N  G

C L _ M B _ N G

B _ N G _ _   J _ M P _ N G

S K Y   D _ V _ N G

B _ K _ N G

J _ T   S K _ _ N G

Complete the sentence below:

I have already tried …………………………, but I have never done …………………………….. . Yet, I would like to try …………………………………… .

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Are you a TV fan?

See if you can identify these TV programmes.

Which one is …

  • a talent show ?
  • a wildlife documentary ?
  • a cartoon / animation film ?
  • a commercial ?
  • a reality show ?
  • the weather forecast ?
  • a music programme ?
  • a quiz show ?
  • an adventure film ?
  • a sports programme ?
  • a talk show ?

TV programmes1


What about TV jobs?  

Would you like to be a … ?

Find out what they are by adding the vowels.

N _ W S R _  _ D _ RPresenter

C _ M _ R _ M _ N

_ C T _ R

C _ S  T _ M _     D _ S _ G N _ R

D_ R _ C  T _ Rcameraman_actor

P R _ S  _ N T _ R

J _ _ R N _ L _ S T

News_reader             COSTUME DESIGNER           director

What are your TV viewing habits?

How many hours a day do you usually watch TV?

Are you a TV addict?


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Hi, everyone!AMC_2015B

Here we are again for a new schoolyear

New topics, new vocabulary, new activities.

Some hard work, but also lots of fun!

Let’s start. The sooner, the better.Work-Hard-300x300