Eating habits

Posted on: January 18, 2013

Healthy Food = Healthy Life


What is healthy food? What portions should I take of each type of food?

If you have these doubts, read the following advice:


So your food pyramid should look like this:


To help you learn more about a delicious breakfast, you can play a game. Click here Breakfast Detective

Tell us about your eating habits. Are they healthy? Leave a comment below. Start like that:

My favourite meal is….

Still have doubts?




Review vocabulary with the powerpoint presentation we had in the class.

Click here for help. Revision_fruit_vegetables_food_and_drink_part1


2 Responses to "Eating habits"

I don´t have a favourite meal, I have lots of favourite meals, some healthy (I think), others unhealthy. I will start with the healthy meals, I like very much eggs and rice, minced meat with pasta. The unhealthy meals are hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, sandwiches. I usually eat rice with a little salt and meat with salad and I drink gooseberry juice. I should worry more about my eating habits because I eat crisps doing the homework ( which is wrong and I know that ), I always want to drink fizzy drinks, eat food with a lot of sugar and salt, stay in front of the computer. At breakfast I often eat cereals with milk. In the middle of the morning I usually eat bread with cheese and drink a sugary juice. At lunch, I eat the leftovers of the last dinner. At dinner I usually eat what my mother cooks.I know my eating habits are not that great but I like the food I eat.
Helder, 8º4

Well done, Helder! I hope you keep on writing about other subjects that may interest you.

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