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Can you identify these food items here?


Check your notes and your book.

Some of these items are uncountable nouns, for example wine, milk and need quantifiers to refer to a portion. Look at these examples below:


Now, click on the link below and try to get the right answer. 

 Quantifiers, by Amalia R.

Still some problems? Review the PPT presentation the teacher showed in the classroom.Pink-Ask-a-Question-What-should-I-be-doing--


How can use MUCH, MANY, A LOT OF, LITTLE or FEW?


Would you like some more exercises on this topic? Try this link:

Countable or Uncountable?, by Nuria Ortiz


These verbs are very special, but quite simple.

  • CAN  
  • MAY
  • MUST
  • MUSTN’ T


What do you think they mean in these situations below?



May I have a tissue

images (1)FSTG_logoBLK_TM_JPEG_8_5_08

Still have doubts? Pink-Ask-a-Question-What-should-I-be-doing--

You can check all this, by reviewing the Powerpoint presentation you saw in the class.

Click here to download it!  modals_AMC_8ºano

You can also try this interactive exercise.



Healthy Food = Healthy Life


What is healthy food? What portions should I take of each type of food?

If you have these doubts, read the following advice:


So your food pyramid should look like this:


To help you learn more about a delicious breakfast, you can play a game. Click here Breakfast Detective

Tell us about your eating habits. Are they healthy? Leave a comment below. Start like that:

My favourite meal is….

Still have doubts?




Review vocabulary with the powerpoint presentation we had in the class.

Click here for help. Revision_fruit_vegetables_food_and_drink_part1